Sunday, June 3, 2012

Acne And Skin Care

It is not necessarily a lack of good skin care that causes a person to develop acne. Instead of being the cause, acne and skin care are connected more closely when it comes to treating acne.

Scrubbing skin does not prevent acne either but when acne has developed, cleansing along with good skin care can have a positive effect.

Scrubbing the skin is not a good idea when you have acne. It makes the skin dry and rough. When skin is scrubbed roughly, layers of skin come off. The lower layers or interim will protect itself with oil and a new layer of skin. This exposes the interim to bacteria from the air and surfaces. Our skin is our body’s front line defense against bacteria and toxins. Scrubbing off layers of it is not a good idea for acne and skin care.

Acne and Skin Care - What To Do

Wash your skin gently with a cleanser that does not have harsh irritants. If you have acne in places other than your face be careful to make sure those areas are fully cleansed in the shower. A light cleanse of the face may be necessary more than twice a day - depending on how much oil your skin produces. But be careful of too much cleansing! Sebum (oil from the skin) does have its part in the development of acne but getting rid of all of it is not the goal. When skin becomes too dry, cracks can occur in the outer layers essentially leaving the door open for bacteria. This can happen if we are too diligent with cleaning our skin.

Moderate use of an over the counter astringent is a good way to cleanse your skin. Use it sparingly or it can dry out your skin, too.

Women with acne have an advantage over men with acne. They don’t have to shave their faces. Men have to worry about shaving off blemishes and cutting themselves. An electric razor can help but you must be patient and careful. Using a softener before you shave is a good idea. It is possible to use a regular razor as they have not been shown to cause acne. Ingrown hairs are not caused by shaving. Always shave in the direction of the hair growth.

Acne and Skin Care - Makeup

Women can now buy makeup that is non-comedogenic - that is, it does not clog pores. Still, be sure to go lighter on the areas that are prone to acne. “Non-comedogenic” refers to “comedones”. That is the common form of acne that includes whiteheads and blackheads.

Use an over the counter medicine that kills bacteria. This will help treat acne and protect against the development of more. Using too much is not helpful. In fact, it can make your problems worse clogging up the pores. The pores on your skin should always be open so oil can flow through it and dead skin cells can shed. If you have questions about your acne and skin care, ask your dermatologist for help.

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