Sunday, July 8, 2012

Acne Basics – Tips & Tricks For Concealing Acne

While it is great that there are so many effective acne treatments, from over the counter medications and prescriptions to treatments such as light therapies, they do take time to have any effect. While you are waiting, you may want something that will help in concealing acne.

Telling people not to be so concerned with the way they look only makes them feel worse about themselves. They should not have to feel guilty for having issues with their skin’s appearance. A person is not necessarily vain or shallow just because they feel awkward about their acne. The desire to look as good as possible is ingrained in most people.

Concealing Acne With Cosmetics

We may not like to admit it but the undeniable truth is that women are more often judged more by their looks than men are. In the light of this, it does make sense that women are usually more concerned over their skin’s appearance than men tend to be. While this does make acne more difficult for a woman to deal with initially, women do have an advantage when it comes to concealing acne: makeup.

When buying make up for concealing acne it is important to buy the non-comedogenic type of makeup. “Comedones” is a general term for mild acne that includes blackheads and whiteheads. Non-comedogenic makeup helps to keep pores clear so they don’t get clogged. Clogged pores contribute to acne.

The first layer of makeup to be applied should be the concealer. A green tinted concealer will help to cover redness. It is important that the concealer you buy should match your skin tone. A concealer of the right shade can be very effective at concealing acne and making it almost invisible. Dab the concealer on carefully with your fingertip or a disposable sponge made for makeup application. Be careful not to overdo it. 


Next, you will apply foundation. Foundation helps to cover redness and uneven skin tone. It can also help to blend concealer with the skin so it is not obvious to the naked eye. You should pick a foundation that is light and matches your skin tone so when you are done, you don’t look like you have put a mask on. Foundation’s main purpose is to make the skin appear to be one even color.

It does more than that, though. Foundation makes the skin less reflective. That softens shadows on the face. If you have acne, the use of foundation to soften shadows is a big plus. The contrast of bumps is lessened to some degree. We all know that lighting has an effect on how our skin looks. Foundation has the same type of effect.

Using a facial powder after foundation will help to soak up oil and keep your makeup from wearing away as fast.

Concealing Acne - Men

Men don’t wear makeup outside of the entertainment industry as a rule. Luckily for men, there are some medications for acne that have a concealer that is built in. Men can wear makeup - why not? The trick for men is to find a light makeup that works at concealing acne without showing that they are wearing cosmetics. 

Don’t forget that all makeup, even those that are used for concealing acne, should always be removed before going to bed.

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